Upcoming Price Change: Paperclip Charm Keeper Necklace

Alert! Upcoming Price Change:

The Stella Strands Paperclip Charm Keeper Necklace is one of our favorite designs. It’s edgy yet chic and is perfect on its own or for showcasing your cherished charms. And at $69, it’s a steal – quite literally. After much consideration, we have decided to raise the price of this item from $69 to $79 to reflect the current costs of materials and production. We know it’s never fun to hear about one of your favorite items increasing in price, but it’s actually quite a small increase considering it’s stunning beauty and quality.

This price change will happen in mid-April, so you and your customers have plenty of time to take advantage of this insider opportunity and shop the necklace at its current low low price!

Thank you for being with us and sharing the S&D love! 

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