The BUZZ is in for December!

Hello Gorgeous Ambassadors!💖

Happy December! 💝❄️💝
Happy holiday and gift-giving time is here! Spend a few minutes with us to peruse the awesome incentives, shopping and sharing opportunities, and celebrate the rockstars of our ambassador community! 

Year End Stacking Cash Bonus Incentive Reminder
It's the final month of our year end monthly incentive. Ambassadors, Star Ambassadors, and Specialists can earn additional Stacking Cash Bonuses for hitting monthly CUSTOMER sales goals. 

Monthly Customer Sales STACKING Sales Target Bonus Total Bonus Potential
 $1,000  $50 $50
 $2,000  $50 $100
$3,000 $100 $200
 $5,000  $350 $550


✨ We are kicking off December with the 12 days of gifting! From 12/1 through 12/12, we will have unique deals each day. Offerings like FREE gifts, discounted collections, and never before seen promotions. Ambassadors will get a sneak peak of each daily deal one day prior via our FB group to then share with the community.
*You do need to be signed into your account to get the gifts/deals.* 

Jessica shares our last releases of the year!

Don't forget to check the Marketing Tools section of your ambassador dashboard for shareable images!

✨Have you heard about The Style Club? (New Membership Program!) 

 Top 10 Ambassadors of November 🙌

Customer Sales

  1. Sarah Field
  2. Sandy Sloan 
  3. Kimberly Henderson
  4. Ashley Dickinson
  5. Angel Harris
  6. Tanya Abbate
  7. Patience Prestrdige-Luiz
  8. Julie Zachesky
  9. Michele Vidal
  10. Melissa Wendt-Jones

New Customer Sales

  1. Sandy Sloan
  2. Brooke Cummings
  3. Sarah Field
  4. Michele Vidal
  5. Ashley Dickinson
  6. Julie Zachesky
  7. Jessica Berens
  8. Concetta Michael
  9. Kim Evans
  10. Tanya Abbate

💖 We appreciate you all so much. Thank you for sharing that S&D sparkle! 💖

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