NEW POST ALERT: Your March Ambassador Video Buzz is IN

Happy March! Here Comes the  ☀️ 

Happy March! It's a fabulous month of 💸stacking cash 💸bonuses to celebrate, doubled customer referral rewards in March, shipping improvements and BRIGHT STYLE!

Scroll through the videos to hear the latest updates from Jessica, Heather, Drea & Jess:


Congrats to the 490 Ambassadors who have earned over $25,000 in CASH bonuses just since January!

Sarah Field may have her hands full with her gorgeous family, but wow Sarah! She inspires our community by having already earned 5 stacking cash bonuses totaling $775 in cash added to her commission! 

These 7 ambassadors have earned 4 stacking cash bonuses totaling $275:
Nikol Johnson
Allison Carl
Michele Vidal
Alison Jensen Fuller
Ashley Dickinson
Georgia Giguere
Karen Herrema

These 33 ambassadors have earned 3 stacking cash bonuses totaling $150:
Jacquie Landt
Pamela Anderson
Alexandria Stanbach
Angel Harris
Heidi Hansen
Amelia Felbinger
Missy Bryan
Cindy Rhodehamel
Samantha Tunador
Diana D
Aimee Weidl
Amelia Keely
Jessica Louder
Betany S Underwood
Kim Brogan
Diana Lofstead
Brooke Cummings
Christine Santori
Rachel Smith
Jennifer Martzolf
Jamie Moore
Leslie Young
Alexa Stefan
Stacey Atkins
Heather Moore
Jennifer Hutzel
Michelle Fernandez
Kimberly Jensen
Kimberly Tremaglio
Mattea Rinaldi
Barbara Ellis
Tanya Abbate
LIly Bash

449 more Ambassadors have earned their 1st and 2nd stacking cash bonuses!


Congrats to Lily Bash, a New Ambassador who has already earned rewards at 1, 5 & 10 customer sales!

LIIy Bash was referred by Meggy Ryan, who also earned Ambassador Referral Rewards with LIIy’s 5th and 10th customer sale! $75 product reward (5 customer sales) + $100 (10 customer sales) = $175 in product reward!

The following New Ambassadors have received their Welcome Reward after their very first Stella & Dot sale!
Mary Ann Schilling-Boyle
Melissa Maluchnik
Lindsay Diponio

A NEW Site Design in April! Ambassador Lounge Links moving to the FOOTER in April

Take note. In April, you will find your Ambassador Lounge links in the Footer section of both the EVER and Stella & Dot Websites.  Bookmark your Stella & Dot Ambassador Lounge, and if you ever need to find the link, simple scroll all the way down.

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