NEW DROP on 6/2: The Charlotte Chains + MORE 😍

We are excited to announce the launch of THE CHARLOTTE ! Named after my oldest daughter, these beaded bracelets and necklaces are both fierce and feminine, inspired by the strength of FEMALE ENERGY. The chains are made of semi-precious stones and are designed to link and layer. The spiked pave clasp and Charlotte accent bead give the chains a bold accent that is both chic and edgy!

On 6/2, we are launching the Charlotte in Turquoise, Pearl and Aquamarine. We will be rolling out additional variations soon!  

Also dropping on 6/2:

Mara Rope Chain Necklace
Meet our Muse, Mara Lowry. We love the fire in this adventurous mom of 2. This sailor has taken her family of 4 on a trip to sail around the world!                    SKU: MARN4078G 

Tatum Pave Sun Charm
A symbol of optimism and creativity, the sun charms inspires positive energy and represents those that lighten up your world. The signature clip-on, swivel bale of our Tatum charms make them easy to attach to necklaces and bracelets made of chains, beads, and more.


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