Connected Affiliates Turned Customers!

Hello Gorgeous Ambassadors!

You may have noticed some updates to the sales area of your dashboard today. As we are continuously making improvements to help visibility and transparency, we made a few tweaks to the appearance of sales classifications to provide clarity for you.

Since our most recent tier maintenance processed on July 1st, you probably noticed the status of a few fellow ambassadors has changed within your Orders tab. When an Ambassador in your downline is no longer actively an ambassador, their previous orders will now be titled "Old Affiliates." Old Affiliates is a term for any ambassador who, at the time of that particular order, met the requirements of our program, and their sale was counted as an affiliate sale. Once they are no longer active affiliates, this label is removed and their sales will now count as a customer sales for your account. These changes in classification only take affect once they are inactive but this labeling should now make this a bit more clear for all!

As a reminder, these are now customers and we encourage you to engage with them, share links, carts and have them enter your name at checkout to ensure you continue to get credit for them as a CUSTOMER.

And YES! as long as they are a customer, they will count towards your customer sales goals!



S&D Team

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