The Buzz is IN for March!

Hello Gorgeous Ambassadors!ūüíĖ

Happy March!  

As March rolls in, it's time to welcome the beauty of Spring and all the wonder it brings. Celebrate this season of renewal by sharing some stunning new jewelry pieces that will add a touch of sparkle and warmth to your everyday. 

For our valued ambassadors, we always want to take this opportunity to celebrate the rockstars of our community. Your passion, creativity, and commitment inspire us all the time, and we are so grateful to have you as part of our team. Thank you for being shining examples of what it means to be a true ambassador.  

News and Reminders: 

‚ú®Drops every Tuesday: Spring/Summer Look Book!
✨Curious about your 1099? Find your answers here: AMBASSADOR 1099
‚ú®2024 Ambassador Rewards Program Document
‚ú®FINAL MONTH for the site credit incentive:
Every 3 NEW customers you get to shop with us, you get $50 site credit. This is not combined between brands, so if you sell for both Ever and S&D, you need to get 3 new customers per brand. It has to be 3 for Stella & Dot and/or 3 for Ever. These bonuses will be paid out monthly. Incentive runs through 3/31/24.
‚ú®Don't forget to check the Marketing Tools section of your ambassador dashboard for shareable images!

Our Fabulous February Ambassadors!¬†ūüôĆ

Top 10 in Customer Sales 

1. Tanya Abbate

2. Bo Freeman 

3. Mandy Barberio

4. Patience Prestridge Luiz 

5. Christine Santori 

6. Sandra Langer 

7. Cindy Rhodehamel

8. Julie Zachesky

9. Michelle Fernandez 

10. Allison Burns 

Top 10 in NEW Customer Sales

1. Tanya Abbate 

2. Christine Santori 

3. Bo Freeman 

4. Michelle Fernandez 

5. Jody Forness 

6. Julie Zachesky 

7. Susan Emery 

8. Allison Burns 

9. Lisa Stellato 

10. Mandy Barberio 

ūüíĖ We appreciate you¬†all¬†so much. Thank you for¬†sharing that S&D sparkle! ūüíĖ

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