Paris Flea Market

a note from Blythe

The charms all signify something special!

Originally inspired by her grandmother Dot’s vintage jewelry box, Blythe’s creative vision mixes the beauty of vintage design and craftsmanship with the modern aesthetic and versatility of today’s stylish woman. Blythe’s design experience is truly global, ranging from working with local artisans in India and Ecuador to the fashion houses in Paris. As an artist in residence of the prestigious Parson’s School of Design/Paris, Blythe studied sculpture and accessories design.

Blythe Harris

Welcome to the collection that was inspired by my grandmother, Dot's, jewelry. The Dot Vintage Convertible Necklace is the centerpiece of this collection and it is based on the amazing vintage charm bracelet that I remember my grandmother wearing all the time. All of these charms are whimsical and each have special meaning. There's the bowling charm, which is my favorite because Dot was on a bowling team. There is a beautiful calendar with her wedding anniversary on it. I love the mother of pearl horn and the vintage charm with the green flower. An Elephant charm that is a symbol of good luck, a luckyfour leafclover. There is also a medallion with the love knot which was also a present from my grandfather.