Amazonite Tatum Charm

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DELIVERY: June 25 - July 01

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Add a splash of natural beauty to your jewelry collection with our Tatum Charm featuring a stunning Amazonite stone. Known for its calming blue-green hue and mesmerizing patterns, the Amazonite stone brings a serene touch to your look. The Tatum charm is expertly crafted to showcase the stone's allure and make a stylish statement.

The charm is equipped with a swivel clip that allows for easy attachment to any necklace, giving you the freedom to personalize your style. Add it to your favorite chain to create a unique, customized piece that reflects your individuality. Whether worn alone or combined with other charms, the Tatum charm with Amazonite is a versatile addition to your collection. Let your creativity shine with this exquisite piece!

  • Brass dipped in 10K Gold
  • Amazonite Semi Precious Stone
  • Length: 1.45"
  • Weight 2.5g

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