The BUZZ is IN for January!

Hello Gorgeous Ambassadors!💖

Happy New Year! 
We are so excited for 2024! Please take a few moments to peruse the awesome incentives, shopping and sharing opportunities, and celebrate the rockstars of our ambassador community! 

Happy New Year message from Jessica Herrin!

✨BIG congratulations to Sarah Field for making more than $50,000 in Customer Sales in 2023 and winning the Cabo vacation! You rock, Sarah! 

Ambassador Rewards Program and Upcoming Incentives Overview

2024 Ambassador Rewards Program Document

January Incentive, 1/1/24-1/31/24:
Refer 2 new ambassadors in the month of January, when they get just 1 customer sale each, you will get $100 site credit.

✨January - March incentive, 1/1/24-3/31/24:
Every 3 NEW customers you get to shop with us, you get $50 site credit. This is not combined between brands, so if you sell for both Ever and S&D, you need to get 3 new customers per brand. It has to be 3 for Stella & Dot and/or 3 for Ever. These bonuses will be paid out monthly. 

 Don't forget to check the Marketing Tools section of your ambassador dashboard for shareable images!

 Top Ambassadors who dazzled in December! 🙌

December Customer Sales

  1. Brooke Cummings
  2. Samantha Ballard
  3. Tanya Abbate
  4. Cindy Rhodehamel
  5. Sarah Field
  6. Lara Harris
  7. Angel Harris
  8. Kathy Watson
  9. Kim Evans

Year long 2023 Customer Sales! 🙌

  1. Ashley Dickinson
  2. Sarah Field
  3. Michele Vidal
  4. Angel Harris
  5. Cindy Rhodehamel
  6. Brooke Cummings
  7. Melissa Wendt-Jones
  8. Mandy Barberio
  9. Tanya Abbate
  10. Lisa Zubrowski

💖 We appreciate you all so much. Thank you for sharing that S&D sparkle! 💖

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