Order Commission Assignment Delays Corrected

Dear Affiliates, 

Over the last few days, we have experienced a systems issue that has delayed about 250 orders appearing on affiliate dashboards. We are pleased to inform you that our developers have identified the issue and a fix is in place.
With a spike in order volume, one of our servers that fed orders to our commission system was congested and timed out.  Our team has provisioned additional queue servers to process the sales quickly. The sales have all been updated and are now being shown in the affiliate's dashboard.

We will keep additional queue servers running permanently to prevent delays in order processing in the future. Please note that no orders were lost. Affiliate information was captured by our e-commerce system. There was just a delay in the processing of the assignment of the order by our affiliate tracking system. 
We deeply apologize for any stress and worry this has caused you if this impacted you.  


Your confidence in your commission is of the utmost importance to us. We value all you do to share our brands and want to provide you and your customers with the world-class support you deserve.



As a VIP Ambassador at the Specialist level (our system gasps in awe a bit when they see your email come in!), should you discover you have an order not properly assigned to you due to a customer error, we have added a new concierge service for your convenience. 

Provided that the order is not already assigned to another Ambassador, if you request an order number reassignment, or inquire about an order placed by a specific customer email address on a specific date, we will auto-reassign an order to you without requiring customer validation This is done only for our Specialist level Ambassadors. 


With Gratitude,
Your Ambassador Delight  Team

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