New Post Alert: Your MAY Ambassador Video Buzz is IN!

Spring is in Full Swing and We're Ready for You 🌸 

The flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining, and we have exciting new developments that will be sure to add a spring to your step. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, share your fave products to help gift givers find the perfect gift to celebrate hardworking moms (grandmas, new moms, mother in laws too!)  

Get ready to have some fun and SLAY MAY!  

Hear the latest from Jessica, Heather and Drea, and be sure to watch the La Isla and Tatum Collection preview as well:



  • Stay Tuned! Tune in for our LIVE Style Launch this Friday 5/5 at 9am PST for a special message and invitation from Jessica. 
  • Style Highlights with Andrea  
      • New Arrivals: Spring is in the air!
      • La Isla Limited Edition Summer Collection 
      • Tatum Charms, Tatum Chain + more gorgeous spring items! 
  • May/June digital LOOK BOOK + Launch Calendar
  • Community Stylist program is launching Mid-May!
  • May Charitable Charms: 50% of all retail proceeds from our Power Gems will gift mothers at Family House.


Stacking Cash Bonuses  💰💰 

Congrats to the 800 Ambassadors who have earned $50,000 in STACKING CASH BONUSES since January! WOW! We are in awe of your dedication and commitment to success! These Fab 5 continue to inspire as they’ve each already earned $775 in cash bonuses in addition to their commission: 


We are so thankful for ALL our AMAZING AMBASSADORS who share our brands and spread the S&D JOY! Here are a few more TOP 10s to commemorate and celebrate!🥂🎉 

Top 10 S&D Brands Customer Sales for the Month of April 
by New Ambassadors (signed up in last 90 days) 

  1. Kenisha Mims  
  2. Alexa Tangorra 
  3. V S. 
  4. Iris Liu  
  5. Sara Meyer  
  6. Sandra Goelz  
  7. Katherine Meeusen  
  8. Deanna LaFleur  
  9. Tracy Kay  
  10. Lauren Hovis  

Top 10 S&D Subscription Sales for the Month of April 

  1. Sharlene Garcia
  2. Allison Carl
  3. Janey Prince 
  4. Ashley Pascale
  5. Amanda McDaniel
  6. Jenny Foley
  7. Megan DeYoung
  8. Michelle Fernandez
  9. Cindy Rhodehamel
  10. Patty DuPont   

Top 10 S&D Customer Sales  for the Month of April 

1. Sandra Pickens
2. Lisa Stellato
3. Michelle Fernandez
4. Michele Vidal
5. Shelby Fegan Wynant
6. Jennifer Martzolf
7. Mandy Barberio
8. Ashley Pascale
9. Krista Armentrout
10. Bo Freeman


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