New Post Alert: Your April Ambassador Video Buzz is IN!

April May Bring Showers ☔️...

But it also brings sunny new developments at Stella & Dot Brands ☀️. It's a jam packed month, starting off with two Live Kick Off meetings in the first week of April, where you'll learn about product reveals, expert tips and inspiration, and fun Ambassador incentives 💃🏻.

Tune in Live on Vimeo for NEW Product Launch Information and brand updates:

  • Ever Live Kick Off Meeting: April 4 at 5pm PST

  • Stella & Dot Live Kick Off Meeting: April 6 at 5pm PST


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April is Ambassador Appreciation Month (ok- so is every month...) 💛

We have just reached the 3 month mark of launching our 2023 Ambassador Rewards program and we are so grateful for all you do to share our brands. We know you have busy lives and choices to make, and we are so grateful when you choose to share your passion for our products. You are all truly amazing!

We want to give an extra special shout out to Sarah Field and Nikol Johnson📣!  With over $30,000 in total customer sales, Sarah and Nikol are well on their way to achieving the Wanderlust Club Trip. Don't know about you, but watching the sunset 🌅 with toes in the sand 🏖️ (don't forget the tropical drink in hand🍹) sounds pretty good right about now! Ready to join them? Find out how to get the trip here.

Congratulations to the TOP 100 Ambassadors in Q1 Customer Sales Volume. Thank you for spreading the S&D BRANDS JOY 🥳

  1. Sarah Field
  2. Nikol Johnson
  3. Michele Vidal
  4. Ashley Dickinson
  5. Alison Jensen Fuller
  6. Georgia Giguere
  7. Karen Herrema
  8. Jacquie Landt
  9. Jennifer Martzolf
  10. Jessica Louder
  11. Allison Carl
  12. Pamela Anderson
  13. Amelia Felbinger
  14. Christine Santori
  15. Aimee Weidl
  16. Alexa Stefan
  17. Sandra Pickens
  18. Cindy Rhodehamel
  19. Mandy Barberio
  20. Amelia Keely
  21. Stacey Atkins
  22. Jamie Moore
  23. Jennifer Hutzel
  24. Leslie Young
  25. Missy Bryan
  26. Angel Harris
  27. Mattea Rinaldi
  28. Samantha Tunador
  29. Heather Moore
  30. Kelly Smith
  31. Heidi Hansen
  32. Rachel Smith
  33. Bethany S Underwood
  34. Diana Lofstead
  35. Lisa Heisser
  36. Michelle Fernandez
  37. Kimberly Jensen
  38. Alexandria Stanbach
  39. Heidi Nowitzke
  40. Kim Brogan
  41. Melissa Wendt-jones
  42. Barbara Ellis
  43. Tanya Abbate
  44. Stephanie Holguin
  45. Rachel Connolly
  46. Susanne Yesse
  47. Brooke Cummings
  48. Elisabeth Campo
  49. Jan Scott
  50. Diana D
  51. Erica Janulewicz
  52. Danielle Sirinsky
  53. Anne McVey
  54. LIly Bash
  55. Kimberly Tremaglio
  56. Mary Ann Brulato
  58. Lacey Weishaar
  59. Mary Woodruff
  60. Elizabeth Sweeney
  61. Patty DuPont
  62. Rachel Schwemmer
  63. Diane Combs
  64. Laura Pepin
  65. Sandi Solano
  66. Christine Mathews
  67. Jenny Foley
  68. Laura Burling
  69. Demetria Heitsch
  70. Kelly Slater
  71. Jen Suplee
  72. Amy Ebberts
  73. Katie Hall
  74. Lauren Jones
  75. Veronica Crist
  76. Ashley Hoseclaw
  77. Laura Bonventre
  78. Terese Satterfield
  79. Katie Korenek
  80. Kristen Hart
  81. Melissa Crangle
  82. Heather McLellan
  83. Nicole Teaney
  84. Annette Soward
  85. Ofelia Barber
  86. Nancy Walsh
  87. Lara Harris
  88. Margaret Nuckols
  89. Lori Nisimblat
  90. Bridgette Abendroth
  91. Kristy Beirne
  92. Jessica Lanz
  93. Kimberly Martin
  94. Kelly Cox
  95. Julie Zachesky
  96. Lisa Zubrowski
  97. Abbey Zuehlsdorff
  98. Caroline Glenn
  99. Sandy Sloan
  100. Angie McHale


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