Ambassador Experience Refresher: Assignment, Discounts, and Order Types

Hello Gorgeous!

As we continue to grow and optimize our program, we thought it would be beneficial to revisit some popular customer service questions and topics.

Order Assignment:

To ensure you receive credit for your customer's orders, you want to make sure your customers see your name at the top of the website. Regardless of what device type they are shopping on, the top of the website should always say your name at the top—all the way through the check out page. Orders are attributed to an Ambassador when any of the following methods are used:

1) When a customer shops through your referral link

2) Through a shared cart that you have sent to your customer

3) If a customer adds your name in the “Shopping with a Brand Ambassador?” box in their cart

4) If a customer uses your Ambassador code at checkout

Please understand that while we do the very best on our end to ensure the proper ambassador gets the proper commission, we cannot control customer shopping behavior. It's very easy for a customer to access the site any way they'd like, or to veer off pages, open new tabs, clear their cookies daily, etc. This is why we like to emphasize in particular that, even if they "use your link," your name is always visible.

While we want to ensure everyone gets credited appropriately for their orders, please note that manual assignments can only be entered within 21 days of the order date.


There have been some questions surfacing lately around what discounts can be combined with an ambassador discount. The short answer is that ambassador discounts are exclusive, standalone benefits, and cannot be combined with other discounts. Loyalty point redemptions may be combined with an Ambassador discount, but you can only use one code at a time so keep that in mind when you convert points to dollars.

*So, to clarify: ambassador discounts do not combine with skin win, bundle discounts, or subscribe to save items.*

All of the above discounts are customer-centric specials to help them get in on the S&D and Ever deals as well!

Order Types:

While we love and reward ambassadors recruiting ambassadors and expanding our beautiful community, our program is designed to encourage regular content creation, sharing, and acquiring new customers. CUSTOMER orders are the required order type to maintain your tier within the ambassador program. Customer orders are different from affiliate/ambassador orders in that a customer is not an active ambassador in our program. To clear up any confusion regarding what type of orders were placed with you, please check the Orders tab within your ambassador dashboard. Tier maintenance occurs on the first of every month and assesses customer orders for the previous 3 calendar months. The tier maintenance thresholds apply only to customer orders and not orders connected to your referred ambassadors.


We hope these reminders are helpful to you! If you have any questions at all, please reach out to The Delight Team, we’ll be happy to assist.



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