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Christine Lammers Founding Leader & Star Director

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Why I love Stella & Dot

Why do I LOVE having my own Stella & Dot Business? I never thought I would do anything like this, but the jewelry was just so cute, I couldn't resist. I was looking to bring some extra income to our family each month. I signed up and worked this in addition to my full time job. I was having fun while making money to pay for family vacations and to add to our dwindling savings account. I quickly started to build a team of women and trained them to start their own businesses with Stella & Dot. I now have a team of over 700 women across the US, Canada, and over seas. My Stella & Dot business has completely replaced my full time income. Now I work from home and have the flexibility to spend more time with my two boys. Our team of stylists across the country are also styling their own lives. It has been so rewarding to see what a difference Stella & Dot is making in their homes as while as my own. We are hiring! I would love to help you become the newest member of our team.