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Dot Dollars

3 Easy Steps To Redeem Your Dot Dollars

1. For every $50 you spend between June 1st and June 30th, you earn $25 Dot Dollars.
2. On July 8th, 2014 you will receive an e-mail with your Dot Dollar promo codes, each code representing a $25 Dot Dollars award.
3. You can apply $25 Dot Dollars to every $50 you spend between July 8th - 15th 2014.



Earning Dot Dollars: June 1, 2014 (12:00AM PT) – June 30, 2014 (11:59PM PT).
Trunk Show, Hostess or Web Orders: For every $50 spent during the earning period above, the customer will receive $25 worth of Dot Dollars. Dot Dollars are awarded via a promotion code sent to the customer’s email address at the start of the redemption period as defined below. A separate promotion code will be issued for every $25 worth of Dot Dollars earned. Stylists may not earn Dot Dollars on their personal orders.

Redeeming Dot Dollars: July 8, 2014 – July 15, 2014 (11:59PM PT).
Dot Dollars may only be redeemed online by the customer or online by a Stylist on behalf of the customer. Dot Dollars cannot be redeemed on Dottie. Dot Dollars may be used by the customer toward a Trunk Show order by selecting the Trunk Show Shopping Link on the Stylist’s personal website. During the redemption period above, customers may apply $25 worth of Dot Dollars to every $50 spent. Multiple Dot Dollar promo codes may be applied to one order for each $50 spent. The Dot Dollars will be applied as a percentage discount on each item in the order. Each promotion code is valid for one use only and may not be redeemed after the end of the redemption period.

When Will I receive my Dot Dollars redemption codes?
All Dot Dollars redemption codes will be emailed to customers on the first day of the redemption period, July 8th.

How will I know how many Dot Dollars I can earn from my order? 
The amount of Dot Dollars you are eligible to earn for your order will be displayed on the Shopping Bag page. Any additions or deletions will affect the Dot Dollar total. The final Dot Dollar award amount will be displayed on your order confirmation email. Customers must have a valid email address linked to their order in order to earn Dot Dollars.

If I place multiple orders during the qualification period, will all orders qualify for Dot Dollars?
Yes! We will keep track of how many Dot Dollars you’ve earned per order and will provide the individual promotion codes in an email sent out at the start of redemption period. Dot Dollars are calculated and earned based on an individual order and not combined spend across orders.

Can I use my Dot Dollars toward a Trunk Show purchase?
Yes! You may use your Dot Dollars on a Trunk Show order by entering your order on your Stylist’s personal website and choosing the Trunk Show Shopping link. The Hostess will still earn Style Rewards on the amount you pay, after the Dot Dollars were redeemed!

How are Dot Dollars earnings calculated?
Dot Dollars earnings are calculated from your order subtotal less any promotions and discounts.

How do Dot Dollars work with Style Rewards for Hostesses?
Hostesses can earn Dot Dollars and Style Rewards when they host Trunk Shows during the month of June. Style Rewards credits do not count toward the $50 requirement to earn Dot Dollars. However, all out-of-pocket spend above and beyond the discounts/credits will count toward Dot Dollars earnings. During the redemption period, Hostesses can combine Dot Dollars, Style Rewards credits and Half-Off credits toward their purchases. However, $50 must be spent after applying the credits for every $25 Dot Dollars redeemed.

Do Dot Dollars apply to Shipping & Handling and/or Tax?

Do I need to spend a minimum amount in order to redeem my Dot Dollars?
Yes. A minimum of $50 must be spent for every $25 Dot Dollars redeemed.

On what purchases can Dot Dollars be redeemed?
Customers and Hostesses can redeem Dot Dollars on almost everything! Exclusions include Gift Cards, Starter kits, Engravables, Elodie Necklace – Silver, and Cleopatra Studs – Silver.

If I return items purchased with Dot Dollars, will I get my Dot Dollars code back?
No. Any items purchased with Dot Dollars which are returned, will be refunded at the discounted price.

What about Gift Cards and Donations?
During the Dot Dollar earning period, June 1, 2014 (12:00am PT) –June 30, 2014 (11:59pm PT), you may earn Dot Dollars when purchasing a Gift Card. During the Dot Dollar redemption period, July 8 - 15, 2014, Dot Dollars cannot be applied towards purchases of Gift Cards. If you make a direct donation to the Stella & Dot Foundation, you will not qualify for Dot Dollars, nor may you use Dot Dollars to make a donation.

What if I misplace my redemption code or delete the email?
Contact your Stylist. She will be able to assist you in retrieving your code(s).

What do I do if I didn’t receive all the Dot Dollars I earned?
No problem, just reach out to your Stylist! She can help you troubleshoot and can provide support!

Is there a limit to the number of Dot Dollars a Customer can redeem in an order?
Nope, the sky is the limit! You can apply 1 Dot Dollar code for every $50 spent, so if your customer places a $2000 order, your customer could apply 40 codes, if she has them!

Can I redeem my Dot Dollars and also get the July Trunk Show Exclusive Offer (TSEO) or other promotions, like the Getaway and Hang On promotion?
Yes! Your Dot Dollars will apply first, to retail value subtotal. Here are a few examples to highlight how it will work:

  • If you add $150 worth of items to you cart, one of which is a $50 TSEO item, you could apply up to 3 Dot Dollars to the subtotal, making the order total $75. Because you have still spent $50, you will get the discount for the TSEO as well!  
  • If you add a $50 necklace to your cart and a $30 TSEO (which will be discounted to $15) you can use 1 Dot Dollar and get the TSEO discount. The Dot Dollars will be calculated off of the $80 retail value to determine how many Dot Dollars can be applied, then calculate the TSEO discount!

Will I still get my Dot Dollars promo codes if I’ve opted out of receiving your marketing emails?
Yes, by earning Dot Dollars you expressly agree to receive follow up Dot Dollars emails containing your promo code(s), regardless of your opt-in status.

Additional Dot Dollars Information:
Each qualifying/redemption purchase must be made in one transaction and be at least $50 before tax, donations, shipping & handling and after any applicable discounts. Stella & Dot shall determine the order of applying discounts in its sole discretion. Dot Dollars may not be redeemed for cash, toward the purchase of gift cards or to make a donation. Dot Dollars are not transferrable and cannot be used by someone other than the person who earned them. Dot Dollars will not be honored after the redemption period ends.