How Does She Do It/Detachable Strap Promotion FAQs

How do I take advantage of this promotion?
Simply add the How Does She Do It & Detachable Bag Strap of your choice, and the price of the Detachable Bag Strap will automatically be deducted. No exceptions will be granted if Detachable Bag Strap is not added to bag at time of purchase.

If I decide to return my How Does She Do It Bag, can I keep my Detachable Bag Strap?
No, you must return the Detachable Bag Strap with the How Does She Do It Bag.

Can I return or exchange my Detachable Bag Strap?
No, you may not return or exchange your Detachable Bag Strap.

Who is qualified to redeem this promotion?
All customers and Hostesses can take advantage of this promotion.

If I order two How Does She Do Its, can I receive two Detachable Bag Straps for free? And so forth?
No, the promotion is limited to one free detachable strap her order.

If I’ve already purchased the How Does She Do It, can I still get the Detachable Bag Strap for free?
No, this must be done at the time of purchase.

Is this offer valid at Trunk Shows?
YES, this offer will be valid at all Trunk Shows.

How long will this promotion be valid for?
We want you to have full versatility this summer, so the promotion will be valid through the season.